November 3, 2018, The Emerald dragon appears in my clear sight.

Dear phillip, we are pleased that you have given us this opportunity to speak with you this day/ We would say that the clarity of the iris is more important than color of it. as a certain golden eyed dragon has said. Know us dragons by our deeds and the clarity of our soils that is plan to see for those with the eye to see.

As to the coming energies we say all true lightworkers energy workers should be able to handle them with if not ease at least only a minor discomfort. mindful as we are that each of us experience the universe in our own unique way.

You will be seeing an increase in solar activity through the end of this current year on this timeline. This could be sufficient to put you and mother earth over the hump.  Or to say the consciousness of the masses will be lifted by the increased tides of winter. The adage all ships rise with the tide is appropriate.

The Elementals are excited I must say for this is their best tiem of the year especially the sylphs of the air they love to be dramatic and use the leave to sound like step. and the undines love it when the kid within you all makes a snowman or angel wings in the snow. The fire drakes love to be brought into the hearth to warm the feet after a cold day in said snow. The Earth meanwhile is enjoying the chance to snuggle under a blanket of snow and dream of the coming spring.

Dear humans please connect with the elementals when you go deep within let them feel your love and the will multiple it and send back to you. They are ready and willing to unify with your true spirit to bring about this new Earth 5D.

I will now talk about the emerald flame or ray, This has been a healing energy for eons upon eons. It is the regentive power that grow the seed into a mighty oak. It is the loving heart  a dragon has for her nestlings or as a mother for her newly born child.

This color has been missed used too by your media with the wicked witch being a gastly green tone to aer skin.  To be green with envy is another negative which I feel should be addressed. These are all judgements a twisting of  something good like love into envy or a conditioning of that love which is never good.

Be loving and kind to the rest of the nestlings hear on Nova Earth Be grateful, Loving and look up and shout with glee when you see us  flying by riding the wave of the ascension sky.

The Emerald Dragon

close up photography of green leaf with drops of water
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