I have been directed to share my current practice in my healing energy work.  I now strive to do my earth healings outside with my bare feet on the ground. I get into a meditative state I then imagine a Merkaba around me which I use to drill an energetic cord down to Nova Earth heart or crystal core.

Once that is done I use the merkaba to fly up through earth’s atmosphere and into the portal into the sun. I then link a cord of energy back to the earth. I then portal to the galactic central suns  connecting again back to our sun.

From the Galactic core I portal to the central suns of the universe and of course i connect back to the other suns and earth again. This time I shoot straight up from the universes core. to a crystal stargate in the membrane between the 12th dimension into the 13th.

It is here with the sun shining down on my body back on earth but in my minds eye I see the realm of heaven as described in Enochs tale or going there. I had an experience of the divine mother this overwhelming love and compassion which I shared with the network I was connected to, this was on the third.

Today was a most excellent day I must say I had sunshine while other just down the road from me were in the rain. I went through the same dril all the way up to the thirteenth gate this time when I came through there was again this overwhelming love though this time it was coming from the divine father and mother.  This energy was like warm golden honey flowing out into the creation and down onto earth.

I have established a grid work of crystal in various place on Mother Earth I do this by having a healing ceremony in these keyu place where I have been directed to go.  This ties into the nova earth 5 D laice work that mother earth told me she had set up.

The reason I relate this is so you too can make this wonderful connection you do not need to have the crystal grid work or be a Reiki practitioner you can make the connection between the earth and sun and bring a lot of loving healing energy onto your location and through on your body. By making the time to do this simply meditation you can heal yourself and aid Mother earth to. It is important that you feet are grounded for this is a lot of energy and it can be truly more than you can handle without proper grounding.

Please let me know if you feel you need a guided meditation or other help I have been a Reiki third degree for nearly thirty years now. I will attach a contact form. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in a Reiki session.