connect your head to the heart you can do this in a meditation by focusing your consciousness to the heart area you can help this by touching your hand to your heart.. when you can feel your hearts thrum then you have achieved the connection.

This is the step I should have mentioned in my previous post  Connecting to the Sun. This also ties into the Merkaba or star tetrahedron which can be activated through this heat mind connection.  Once you make the visualization or capture the feeling whatever your claai sense.

I should get back to the Sun connection can also be enhanced when doing the other meditation/visualization for you are making a connection of your heart to earth’s heart and the suns heart. This was key when I made the connections to the divine realm through that heart connection first and that is what I connected to all the suns that was what was powering my merkaba.

I feel that these can be key to any of you out there, planning on ascending with Mother earth. I am not saying it is the only way just a way I have gained something from. Like getting the love and compassion from the Divine Mother, and the divine couple the next day.

I hope you all are having a great evening it was a marvelous day even though I did not get to do my sun meditation there  will be other days of that I am sure. Be strong be wise be love my brothers and sisters. for we are all connected heart to heart.

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