I came across this on FB some time ago and someone shared it with me again so here goes:

Catholic Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan has said he is establishing a “delivery ministry” that will attempt to rid people of the devil and warned that using reiki or other new-age healing methods could open one up to demonic influence.

First of who listens to the dark cabal for any advice. Secondly Reiki was developed by a Japanese doctor Usia who was teaching a class on the Christ in sunday school when the students asked how could the man do these healings? This stated the good doctor on a journey to study sanskrit for their healing energies he then went up to Mt. Fuji to pray and receive the download from the divine lord of all or God with the big G. So Reiki was discovered by a christian!

To address the demon manifestation. I have seen things driven out of people by a reiki treatment. This was something that was within the patient not something manifested by the healing energy for God’s sakes. The Bishop does not have the proper  temporal connects or the reiki practitioner was no master you choose.

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Of course what I am about to say about meditation is also banned by the Catholic church also. That said in my meditations on Reiki the overriding message has been love and be balanced. This to my mind is the pinnacle of the christian teaching.

Those at follow my blog that through reiki, meditation connecting to my heart the star the planet the universe I have found no devil. Except when i go into my past lives where I was separated from the divine where I could do things to other people without seeing the connection between us all that I see a devil. Reiki will make you do that face the demon within. but this is not a bad thing this is how you truly heal.

So the Bishop speaks of things he does not know or like I said at the first he is part of the dark pope matrix trying to keep you all from healing. This is my take on the papal belch coming from the bishop.