Numerologically 2018 breaks down to 11 making it a master year/number. This gives for this day a triple 11 or 33 another master number.

Still before we add it all together let us look at the eleven and its meanings.  The number eleven is a gateway as well as a master number representing an ascended master. This number also breaks down further to the number two which signifies union and duality.

However we have three pairs giving us 33 another master number which breaks down to the number six. Six is manifestation the number of sides to a hexagon one of the sacred geometric shapes. This shape is what I associate with the earth itself.

Therefore, this day 11,11,2018 is a great day to meditate bringing through the gateway of 1111 our mastery to manifest it into mother earth. Use this gateway to manifest your very best ideas for Nova Earth, 5D earth. For the mother has stated the lattice work is there for our co-creations.

It is time to come into our mastery my brothers and sisters, it is time to be our divine selves. Be bold for you are starfire yet be humble for you are also of earth itself.

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