Greetings brothers and sisters, I wish to admonish you to have respect and love for you self. We have been in a gateway year, since 2018 numerologically adds to the number eleven, 11 looks like a doorway doesn’t it?

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We have been buffeted with solarwinds from a big sunspot on the sun for the last half of the year and the Schumann resonance peaking of over 40 hertz everyday.  I feel that the Event has been mitigated to allow more people to catch the wave. But we have been receiving this mini waves which cause ascensions symptoms which a lot of channels on youtube talk about.

This is why it is important to respect what your body is telling you. Give the water, rest and love that it needs. Meditation will help you in this endeavor. Indeed be loving to yourself while working on your shadow. Something you should be working on in this gateway year. It is important to work on your triggers and unconscious habits that heed your progress.

I have been working on this myself for many years it come with reiki mastery. I may be able to help you in this process. please contact me if you would like help with healing energy.

much love and many blessings

Pastor Phil

of the


Universal life church