It has been a gray day rainfall for so long that the fairy lites did not even come on. Make me realize that even if I put a 1,000 watts of solar panels there will be day when I will get anything out of them.  This is why if I want to go entirely off the grid. 

I need to locate an instream generator or a waterwheel. I actually have a culver on the creek that run through the property, there is about a three foot drop with a flow of 20 gallon per minute based on how fast a five gallon bucket fills up. I guess I will figure it out eventually I will have to see how long the darkness last this year then I will know how many fail days I will have. 

I guess I really want a zero point generator or one that goes over unity. Or the Del bene battery charger that kEmery Smith talked about on Gaias Cosmic Disclosure. This is why Disclosure is key for our true liberation. We should create  a tweet storm on this issue. This is for your good this is for the good of this wonderful planet. We need to be in harmony with Gaia or Novea Earth.