Reflecting upon the 11,22,11 gateway, from a numerological standpoint. We have the eleven gateway year of 2018=11, in the eleventh month on the 22nd day. Month and day equals 33 and with the year we have 44 the Archangels I believe. They break down to the number eight which to me is the octahedron, the solar system and infinite.

In the USA we celebrated Thanksgiving on November 22nd this year. Paradoxically this combination 33 a master number about creativity,  joy and mastery of self. Yet the 33 sums to six which is about family the home.

It is not a hard paradox and it does in a way encapsulate the holiday you bring your creaty and joy to the family gathering around the homestead right? When we add the year into the mix the eleven year or gateway year we come up with the master number 44 which sums to eight.

The paradox of master number 44 and eight: First we have the 44 an angel number or specifically the Archangels a good group to have around you when going into battle whether it  be in the battlefield or the marketplace you might agree. While the sum of that is eight which is Power, royalty  which you have to balance lest it become overbearing or opersive. 

We can also take the eight and flip it on its side and symbolically we now have the infinity symbol. The infinite universe, the infinite consciousness, the infinite expanse of your inner world. There is a place to balance it all the inner with the outer, as above so below don’t you know.