Had not thought of it until a saw a post of Meg Bendicine recently. There is another eleven eleven eleven gateway in November. 

It will be on Novermber 29th which of course breaks down to you geessed it eleven {2+9=11} so this is like the original post 11 11 11 

which adds up to 33 a mastery number for creativity, the trinities: Maiden, Mother, Crone; Brother, father, Sage; Father Son holyu gohost.

and of course we must not forget the paradox that 33 is also six which are the number of sides to a hexahedron which in my book is the 

sacred geomerty for mother earth. It would behoove us to ground our talents our passins into mother  earth on this day.

share your unique giift like a song or a poem or a story or a kernal of knowledge let us be the co-crqators we are meant to be.

Go within meditate on what you want to bring into Nova Earth, Dream about it you can program your dreams but just making 

the request and write it down on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow.  If you have a bedtime prayer you can ask in there. 

Let us take full advantage of this the absolute last gateway in November I promise LOL! hey it lets you know I am human.Category: