As the beginning of a declarative stare it is the granddaddy of them all.  It is the essence of AUM. You are declaring this is who or what you are about. It can be used to add attributes such as “I am loving” or  “I am clairvoyant”.

I have been using these statements  during my morning meditation. I use a string of a Hundred and eight Malo beads. So I am repeating the I am statement that many times. I also use a app for binaural beats during the meditation. So there could be other factors in what I am goin g to say:

Working on my psychic powers I am seeing some success. I am more intune with my intuition and Clairaudience. In that I get answers when I ask questions. 

Try this experiment say I am Loved and repeat it a 108 times. See if you feel the love after that. I am pretty sure you will feel it. But I know you will have to try it yourself. It might not take that many times I now feel it within three or four such mantras. 

Affirmations like this have been know for a long time to have powerful effects upon your subconscious mind. It is a sure fire way to reprogram your mind. I hope this help you make some changes in your life as it has in mine.