The King is dead long live the people. I say Hooray this is the guy that oversaw the JFK Assassination. He was a spook a spy which means He is a liar a thief and a murder if we believe the 007 trope.  He made it to director of the CIA still a Nazi infiltrated organization. 

When he made President of this U S of A he promptly got us in to a war with Iraq.  He is not a nice person. He was the voice of the New world Order. This is not a good president this is a Nixon that did not get busted. 

I get it he is a former President which should get a little street credit. But really folks they choose who we vote for. They have certainly done since Kennedy.  This is how I see it in retrospective. 

We have to take charge hold those we elect accountable for every thing they do. This is how we stop the corruption. We hone our clair senses or psychic powers so we can see or hear their lies as lies and call them on it. They try to say this is not real both that they lie or that you can know what they do.  

I wish you all the best in the coming year. Today was a good day I hook up with the Sun and universe for a world healing today not sure how long I was in the meditation / healing but my moccasined feet got really cold. the temp was down in the 20 s fahrenheit rage so it might not have been long but it was powerful.