Good evening phil, thank you for taking my call (she had been striving to get my attention for a day , in my defense though she did come later in the night and I was sleepy but here it is at last.) Emerald Dragon what can you tell me about the earth changes going on now with mother earth? 

the changes  that are taking place on Gaia are due to the galactic heart beat  sending massive energies to the star and this globe. This plus the consciousness of the people on the surface and within also effect Gaia  there  will be more earthquakes  and volcanic activity through the next six months there will be a short rest and then they will pick up again 

the more you humans can focus on love, peace and joy the more you can mitigate these activities. It is high time you come into your powers of the conscious mind your claira senses. We of the fae, the dragon folk, the gnomes, the sylphs and undinse want you to come back into balance with this planet and be aware of your greater role in the creation and of course play with us again like we did in the days of old. 

We are all pulling for humanity to turn this  ship around to be kind and loving to each other and to know your innate magical self. connect with the planetary consciousness or the galactic or the universal. Ground yourselves in the living planet and get in touch with your true beingness. We need you to awaken now to this multidimensional world that you now live in and get with the program or is it get rid of the old program so you can see the new reality? This is the question I will leave you all with 

Esmeraldal the emerald dragon  of the celestial realm.