To the tune of 21 trillion USD folks. Lee Camp did a skit on that tidbit of news. Somebody else put it into this video but still the information is valid. This is not the first tiem I have heard this figure spoken of in regard to the Pentagon’s budget short falls. I would assume it also does not include material cost over charges like 900 dollar hammers. 

So Could any agencies be that inept to waste that much loose change? I think not, the answer is black project of monumental scale. I have heard of them building Deep Underground Military Bases or DUMBs Then there is my favorite the Space Warden fleet of space cruisers ect.. On these two project alone they could easily spend that much money.

For sure the Pentagon is doing damage control for they do not want disclosure really. They have denied us the fruits of our labor folks. From the mosny stolen from Social security in the Reagan years for Star wars technology to now Trumps Space Force. Leaving us to guess if it is for real. are we finally going to see the Star trek world we have already paid for.

Well this is my theory take it or leave it I care not but it is interesting that they initial copped to it before backing away from it. Be awake my friends be aware and remember to look up to see if you can find your 21 Trillion dollars dancing between the stars.