I am or was an Elemental at one time apparently, A tree spirit or let us say I and my kind use your emerald flame to wake up the trees in the spring we are the ones that cause the sap to rise the buds to spring forth in that special time of the year.

Since we come into the tree through their roots and pull the sap up with us we do not know until we get to the trunk that the tree has been cut down much to our horror and sadness.

To rejuvenate ourselves we bath in the light and heat of the sun. This is why we can do the magic that we do every spring as it goes from the North to the South. We take these vacations in the winter months for it is not our time.

It is a simple existence mostly joyful and with a great sense of purpose. We would recommend it for you humans to be joyful and have a sense of great purpose in what you do. Oh and to take a vacation when the season for such things is upon you.

This is the first part of my QHHT session yesterday, That is the way it started with me being an emerald sprite dancing through the root up into the trunk and out to the limbs causing the buds to sprout and the flower and leave to grow. It felt wonderful until I could not get a tree to wake up then there was great sadness. I will be posting the recording soon on my youtube channel. I thought I would write about this one now because it is still burned into my soul.

GHHT is Quantum Hypnosis healing Technique which was created by Dolores Cannon. She coined several word of the new age like Wanderers Indigo children to name a few. I highly recommend looking her up on the internet though she has transitioned some time ago there are many practitioners out there I highly recommend it.