A chick called Veronica I viewed on Higher self youtube channel today said she was channelling Thoth stated that he told heee the walls have two sides on one side it keeps people from getting in on the other side it keeps people from getting out. He wanted us to go into the conscious observer mode. Veronicas video channel: https://youtu.be/jZsUilBBkDo

I have no problem with the wall analogy or that advice to be in the conscious Observer I just feel you need to be compassionate while doing it to be connected to your heart. Especially since she is statinge this is for the next three years until 2020.

This to me is an indication that we have entered the fifth dimension now. For if you are not in this Conscious Observer you are likely to see or hear things that will cause you to overreact and create something not good for you or the world as a whole.

In another word things will be manifesting very quickly so be conscious at all times where your thoughts are going. This is why I think an overlay of compassion and heart felt love for all is a good bet to make.

I would be remiss if I did not address the duality of the transmission she made. Thoth states that all paradoxes can be resolved. I have found the best way to understand this is using the hot/ cold we measure this along a continuum from cold to hot, from good to bad, from black to white. So what we see as either or has to be viewed as an whole encompassing both sides of the scale or in this case the whole wall.

This also was likely a reference to Trump’s Wall which is now causing the US government to be shut down. I will say that both parties are responsible for this shut down. Trump may be acting like a big baby the Dems should be more concerned about the citizens they are supposed to represent than punishing Trump fo9r bing a bad boy.