First on the list has to be fear it is the mind killer it limits you and keeps you from experiencing wonderful things like a trip to Peru go if you get a chance.

The second thing to leave behind is judgement about others, you do not know what they have experienced or how it affected them. Besides you probably have had a life time where you did worse.

The third thing to let go of in the coming year is doubt about your experiences your perception. This year is about owning it being awake and aware. Having confidence in yourself is where it is at in 2019.

So now let us address what we might want to manifest in the new year. Love might be a good thing to add, Compassion would be on my list for sure. Being flexible and open minded would be a good thing right? Oh course we must have abundance, prosperity and meaningful work. Having some empathy for the plight of others and generosity also come to mind. Truly this list could be endless and we really should not limit the good things that could be in the coming year but let us do them in threes.