Was reviewing one my subscriptions on Youtube when I came across this one:https://youtu.be/98Ly3pu7jEU?list=UUfuMmKAYFzQWZkfNQzrn1Qw for me consciousness is non-local all pervadingf . We as humans are made of it as it is at the root of all matter in the know universe.

I dispute the mainstream view that it is only a phenomenon of the brain. I liken this to saying the TV set contains the show you are watching when in fact it is merely transmitting the electromagnetic wave being broadcast. Consciousness is the broadcast signal that your brain picks up.

I know that consciousness is non local for two reason one, Reiki energy can be sent across time and space to begin healing when the injury happened. I have experienced this and have preformed distant healing.

The second is not of my persona experience but is documented That the CIA used remote viewing to spy on foreign governments so again a phenomena that show consciousness is not just in your head. Now you might be wondering why would they be promoting that consciousness is only in your brain?

The reason is of course control they do not want you exploring your consciousness with such a freeing concept of non locality they will be revealed by this concept if all people understood they too can remote view their governments. This could be a sea change in our understanding think about it no more false flags because we would know that they are false.

This in fact opens many more doors of perception. It has expanded my conception of the clair-senses and multidimensionality which I personally have tied into sacred geometry and have also integrated the twelve strand Dna concept with the twelve chakra concept and finally bringing all back to the zero point which I do through connecting my heart to the heart of the planet then the sun right onto the universal heart son.

So you see that freeing your conscious mind from the theater of the brain you can encompass the universe and beyond. This is the promise of ascension, this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius the new Aeon the new root race for the 5D earth. Namaste to all!