First time in a long while where I have felt sick it is just a head cold but still I can normally stop things like this. But it came on so fast I almost wonder if it is something else ascension symptoms maybe? I was pretty sure I was not going to succumb to that padigam.

Maybe I have been a bit to over the top that It was not going to affect me when I am used to running so much energy a lot of the time. They are telling me it is to much ego should not speak of what I can do. just get out and do it.

Then again I do not go out in public that much and yesterday I went to a League of Occult Researchers and Educators L.O.R.E. meeting thus exposing myself to a whole bunch of people it was one of the better attended meetups I have gone to recently. Guess I need to take my immune system out more often so it can build up strength.

Stay healthy out there the microbes are out to get us. Many blessing to you all and may the coming weeks bring you all that you need and at least some of what you desire.