I want to make it clear, I can no longer listen to slanted talk from either side of the political debate. It is so 3D so duality so not the direction I wish to go.

Love is the direction I want tread , with peace or serenity and of course haling energy to all. To bring the one within to the one in all. Introspection is a part of the path deep meditation or mantra based meditation.

This is not an easy path but it does not need to be hard either. But it does call for some discipline or a daily practice both with Reiki and with meditation. Know that you are of stardust a divine spark in habiting a earthen vessel. So Child of stars and Earth we are into the age of Aquarius and it is time we start rising to our star rolls or divine plan.

Uranus has now gone direct, now all planets are direct or moving forward. We have a wolf blood full moon coming up on the 21st of January twelve days away. Today is the ninth of January 2019 which is a 22 day if you add that all up numerologically. This is a master number of union the mother and father the god and goddess and the divine male and divine female. It is time as C E Jung would paraphrase we must integrate our anima and animus. At least this is my interpretation of the day if it resonates please share.