The report from suspicious observer says we got hit with a massive solar wind causing geomagnetic storm on earth yesterday. Did you feel it? I was off kilter yesterday my self so no blog or video could I do. Though I do thnk I have figured out how to use the video cam so I can upload videos from my computer. ck to the Earth weather we are having records cold spell in the midwest and really all over the northern hemisphere from the polar vortex branching into three different streams that vere into the lower latitudes instead of rotating benignly around the arctic region. Here is a shot of the graph with the solar wind:  Sorry no graph just the link to the NOAA site with the data. it seems to be dwindling off today.

Now for the Schumann report, the resonance from the ionosphere was not as active as it has been yet there were some spiles into 40 hertz both yesterday and today which could explain momentary headaches as your brain strive to keep up with the spike see for yourselves:

Schumann Resonance Today

Mother Gaia says hello she too has a bit of a headache when the schumann resonance peaks. She says we should strive to be in bliss and joy or love energy when these peaks come through. She admonishes us to not sink into fear or hate as these will cause you great discomfort in the coming years as these frequencies ramp up. She also advises us to intend to ground into her 5D network when your energies are high and you feel you need to ground. She also wants you to know that you too can speak with her through the trees and the plants even you houseplants can work as a connection to her energy. She wants us to all ascend with her and therefore wants you to ground into the correct network it is totally based on your intent alone so just state I am grounding into Gaia 5D network or web. I wish to thank mother earth for answering my call and I wish you all to find your bliss and rock it like a superstar.