Can you feel them in a sunkissed breeze upon you cheek. Perhaps not but I can catch the solar wind in a windsock formed by my hands and mind even through a cloud fluffy and white. Pulling it down to breathe in the words peace love and healing for all, till it get to heavy then I turn my hands and arms out as if holding a huge bowl and let the sun fill it more. When it too seems over full I spill the bowl out onto the earth spreading it north and south east and west.

Once more I seek to capture the solar wind blowing so strong that not even the clouds can slow it down. My hand go up facing each other hold that solar wind sock again. When I have captured enough I go through the drill again though not as long for I intend to bring this one into my heart filling me up with Peace Love and Healing which then flow down into the Earth.

Now embolden I add the Reiki symbols to the mix and activate my merkava and connect into my grid. Linking the nodes up in groups of three in honor of this three year. Now I repeat the sun salutation, this time when I bring it down to add my words of power and love I add the power of the all father and mother to our collective enlightenment. With the words Peace, Love, Unity and enlightenment for all. To this i have to say so mote it be!

I here add the link to suspicious Observer video for today I let him do the scientific stuff since I went for the prose. Enjoy I find it interesting: