02/03/2019, 02,033,233,8,Infinity 7:13 pm,713,11 guard your thoughts they could last for an infinity. See where you can go with numerology?

They say our brains are wired to see patterns and I am not sure I can deny that though we might want to. I am a Virgo after all and were about the details right? Of course we are more than our Sun sign I also have a lot of planets including the planet of my sign mercury in the sign of Leo. Starts to get complicated.

We are beginning to think we need a higher math or maybe it should be sacred Geometry. For your astrological chart we will be talking about angles and squares. Trines, Sextile, Squared or crossed. It is no wonder that we hire people to do this for us it is a most difficult art with astronomy, geometry and Houses in which these planets act out the Days of our Lives.

They certainly deserve a hug for skilfully walking between two vastly different worlds. I dedicate this to one of my favorites,Aepril Shelley you can find her on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=aeprils+astrology Here is a link to her readings page: https://www.aeprilsastrology.com/store/c2/Order_your_reading.html I will warn you she is not cheap but then you have to pay for quality dont you?

oh and I have to say it is both science and spirituality There never should have been a separation of the two. We would live in a much better world if they had never been forced apart by the Catholic Church. This bit of dogma has to end.