Greetings humans, multidimensionales , ascending masters , we of the emerald flame come to you this day to wish you health wealth and abundance. may joy be yours for the taking

We wish you to be in joy for the birth of mother earth into her 5D persona. Rejoice and join her in this new phase. Know your own multidimensional self your 5D self too. This at this time is mostly a shift in your consciousness but it is also an activation of you body.

We know that for some of you this seems far far away but it is in you now in this instant. Just open your minds to it and see the change in earth’s aura, dressed as she is now in a gown of white at least for those of you in northern hemisphere. This is what our channel is experiencing in this now. Though of course you in the southern hemisphere are still in the heat of summer. But, hopefully you can see or feel this change in her vibe.

We would recommend if it is not obvious to you that you go out and ground into the earth with the intention to connect to Gaia’s 5D network. It is important that you support her in this rebirth for this solar system is going in to a new eon and new age and this is the month of that change.

On this new moon today a great time to set new goals new intentions for your future. So we enjoin you to make the intention to ascend with mother earth. You of course have free will and can do what you want but we feel it is important that you know that this is a time for the change.

We are the council of the Emerald flame and we send our blessings and love to all.