We come to you this very fine day.,with a message of love and gratitude for the prompt response of the channel. He has asked us if he is a part of the Council? Though there is no hierarchy in this Council because we are of one purpose though of different personalities with separate interest too. We agreed to accept your offer and will bring it up for a vore. We tell this to you to let you know that it is possible to be your high best self and be also unified with others for a shared vision or goal.

We feel that it is important to let you know that we honor your role as boots on the ground to use a turn of phrase. We understand the vargrasy of living in a third dimensional body on a rapidly change planet and solar system. We have not only viewed you from a higher perspective but we too are at least some of us have incarnated before on this planet. As this one would say we can feel you.

Will there be a coronal mass ejection of the sun tied to what is referred to as The Event and if so what will be its effect?

We can only say that it truly depends on you lightworkers/warriors you awakened ones. If you meditate on peace love and compassion for all, or a prayer being mindful while contemplating these words of power. You can request the aid of your multidimensional selves or what ever higher power you rever. The important thing is to be free of fear about the changes. The sun we be hiccuping in the future just as it has in the past these things are always survived by the pure of heart the ones that are mostly of a light, and the prepared.

We are playing a numbers game here there are more than seven billion people incarnated on Mother Earth at this time. We would say if 900,000 of you could come together and agree on the focus of the meditation/prayer that you can make miraculous changes to what will or does happen even dodging a massive cosmic burp from your sun. We ask you to be in joy, love and unity. If A diverse group like us of very strong personalities can do it why can’t you?

With love from the Council of the Emerald flame