Greetings to all earthlings, the Emerald Flame Council send its love and healing energy to all in need in this now. We are most pleased to have this opportunity to speak to you all. We know that these seem to be tough times for some of you to those we certainly send love and healing.

To those that are doing okay we send love and healing too. For as you go through your ascension path you will need both. We hope you know that you are on this path since that is why most of you incarnated at this time. You may have an inkling of this if you are seeing repeating number like one eleven of three twos actually any number you see repeatedly is most likely a sign post on your path.

to those we ask that you step up to the plate get with a steady meditation plan take the time to ask your guides questions and then listen for the anwer. Do ask for protection when doing this since the veils are gone anyone can be answering. You shall know them by their message. it should be full of light love or love light whichever you prefer.

Use your heart it is a massive generator especially when charged with love light. Envision it a a lion full of strength, a force field that will only let love in, a blazing sun indeed. We are asking you to let your love and light shine. let the divine and the universe know that you are ready for the change that you are eager for the big game to begin.

We of the emerald flame council are cheering you on for as Mother earth ascends so goes her children and it is best if you embrace this change. Know that we support you in this grand endeavor.