I see myself with a backpack full of pyramids made for this purpose, hiking up mountains with a small shovel to the side of the pack each one to be buried a certain depth. I see myself on the shores of the oceans, on the plains, groves and glades. Far must I travel some places I will linger some I will do ceremony and go on.

They have showed me the grid I must establish 33 nodes across the earth. this to be an Emerald Flame grid of healing and the heart to heart connection with the planet and all that reside upon her.

Some of this grid I have established.I have been shown that some that I planted will not last and I must use the shovel and find a firm stand. Some will be on the old power spots some on the new power spots for the New Gaia manifestation in the fifth dimension and beyond.

I would a love soul sister to join me as I embark upon this journey of adventure and sacred pilgrimage. But if I must go it alone I will. still get it done. I am sure I will meet many beautiful people as I go along my way. I wish you all a very rewarding Valentines Day may you and your true love find joy and happiness with is my wish to you all.