Ascension is an upward spiral. It begins within then spirals out. Wave after wave keeps you in a whirl. So you ground it out in Mother Earths new grid. Watch it light up like a pinball machine. Ask for aid from your spirit guides. Or the angels they help all with a pure heart.

Speaking of hearts remember these from the book of the dead of ancient kemet. Ma’at’s feather is what your heart is balanced against. So you need a very light heart. Be happy is what they are saying. Be helpful, be kind just bloody be here now I say. Remember how to play? Mostly I would say be loving of self and all others.

This is a game and to make to the next level you have to vibrate at a fairly high level. Love bliss unbounded joy is where it is at. A loving heart compassion and understanding will set you free. Namaste my brothers and sisters.