We are here today to ask that you play the game in a different way. We wish you to play it with more love and compassion, with more joy and exhalation, It is good to have fun in what you do, to be free in spirit and soul. This is what we want you to know.

The game can be played however you want of course, this is a free will universe. This is why things can be so unpleasant too. We ask that you give up judgement. Though we would not deny you discernment. Protect your aura with healthy doses of joy and happiness. Find the joy of kindness, Find the loving center of your heart and Let it expand to fill your world. We hope you find your true passion, your true love and your true purpose.

These are the days of change. The days of rebirth of Mother Earth. We are here to aid you in the labor for she is giving birth to a new earth a fourth density fifth dimensional paradise. Were you all can live in peace, harmony and unity. This day is coming soon within the lifetimes of most who are on earth now. Remember you signed up for this gig. you thought it would be grand and a hoot. So have fun with it be light of heart, free of spirit and brave beyond compare.