Greetings from the Emerald Flame Collective or council as this one likes to say, but we are truly a collective and any of you can join this collective. All you have to do is spend a certain time away to devote to meditation on Gaia your Mother Earth. We ask that you send your heartfelt love to the earth. You can do this in either a prayer or a meditation both are worthy. Invoke your favorite deity in this effort we are sure they will not mind.

We would also say that you should spend some time taking care of yourself getting plenty of sleep. Bless your water that you drink, find things to be grateful for and bless your food that you are about to eat. We urge you to love yourself as well as the earth and all her creatures. Which includes humanity we would say.

We urge you to consider this Event not as an ending or one of arrival but more of a birth into a new age. A new race of humanity.

Most of all we want you to know that you too can be a healer of yourself ,your family, your neighborhoods, towns , cities, nations and of course a healer of the earth.

That is all you have to do to be a part of the Emerald Flame collective from the EFC board of Elders.

I will mention here that I am a third degree Reiki master , which means I can do attunements up to and including third degree. If you are interested please contact me at Namaste brothers and sisters.