Greetings,, I hope you are enjoying this day as I am that you8 are at peace and that your heart is full of love. I myself am in deep gratitude for the tenor of this day we have hit the fifties where I live in the PNW of USA. I feel truly blessed. My heart is open to love.

I had a wonderful grid working today. I connected it all in my inner map, ll which I then connect to the actual grid I have physically placed in the Earth. Thereby, I ground the imaginary into reality. Now some of you might not dig the metaphor but I am gruving on it.

I would like to talk a bit about the last post I made or channeling might be a better descriptor of what it is. I would like to offer a small Reiki Pyramid to all that feel the call to join the Emerald Flame Collective. It helps me and I believe them to have this grid grounded into the four D mother earth.

I have to be careful here because these pyramids do cost money still to make and ship but I am not that interested in making money on this, but I already devoted a fair bit of my time to this cause. As they say time is money. Still if you are called and willing to do the work and do not have the cash I will not deny you one.

I do want some feedback here folks I want to be fair about this I was thinking a price of around 33 dollars which is not bad for a pyramid with quartz crystals, Amethyst, red Jasper, Lapis lazuli, green tourmaline or Dragons blood jasper, and they include copper bbs and Lavender flower and the sticks This make them Like a wilhelm reich device but since I am a reiki master I call them Reiki pyramids. The larger pyramid is the one I would like the 33 dollars for the smaller ones I would send you for postage.