Otherwise known as the cosmic christ an ascended master of another world possible? I believe so! Since I asked the question am I the incarnation of an ascended master to which I got the answer yes. So I worked through the list that I know and Samanda is what I came up with.

First my birthday August 25 breaks down to 33. Which is the master number for ascended masters. So my question was not entirely out of order. It also explains why my higher self has been so cagey about revealing this to this writer.

This also ties back to my Quantum Hypnosis healing therapy QHHT session at the end o f 2018. Where my second past life review was of a sort of ganesh sort of ET on a purple world or at least the sky was that color. I was a non gender being who sang a light language and in the end went back to the godhead. When I reviewed the recording it did not occur to me that was a christ like ascension.

Now you christian do not get excited I am not saying I was Emmanuel in a past life. This was on a far different planet a lot heavier gravity. Which is why I had the elephantine features. But when I sense that life time now I can see that I was compassionate loving very kind my songs healed and I was loved by many who loved my songs which uplifted and healed. When I passed there were many people there for the celebration of my passing to the divine. There I was much closer to being my best self.

This is a very high standard I now realise that me did love all all the time. They had almost no anger or fear. I in no way feel that that world was as hard nor filled with so many greedy people or any racist people. we all pretty much are the same really both then and now. Of course we have or had differences but they are insignificant compared with the common spirit and consciousness there is really only one mind and it is the mind of the divine consciousness.