hello earthlings we are her this evening to spread peace, love and unity.We wish to impart to you to embrace your multidimensional consciousness. To consider them frequency upgrades much as your planet is displaying with what this one call the schumann resonance we just call it the ekg of the planet or Gaia as the ancient greeks referred to this living planet from which you all have risen. So indeed Earthlings you are.

Mother earth is putting on her new grid work that looks a lot like her ancient grid work which was the fifth dimensional grid work back during your earlier fifth dimension beings so the ancient is the new when it comes to gridwork. It really is a multidimensional lattice work for it contains all five of the solids. The tetrahedron, the hexahedron, the octahedron, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron it is a return to divine order.

This really is a reset of your original divinity. You starseeds, for all of you have a spark of a star within your very body, and a living star in your heart consciousness. You must of course curb your egos for you are still also creatures of this earth. Who is your mother whom you should love and respect. It is time we say to return to your role as gentle steward of the earth.

We wish to impart to you the deep connection that you have to every conscious being on in or around this planet. Recently your scientist have revealed that the atmosphere of the earth actual extends beyond the orbit of the moon. You are all encompassed within what you call the heliosphere of your sun which is also a living being with a very direct portal to all other stars including the star at the center of this universe. so indeed you are connected to it all. Through your consciousness and also we would say through your heart space your zsfo point from heart to heart we are all connected in every planet and in every dimension. Embrace it and it will hug you back.

With great love and compassion to all earthlings the Emerald Flame Collective.