Greetings, we come to you today with a message of love and light of a emerald hue. We hope this finds you capable of overcoming your woe. We send healing energy for all kinds of pain. Whether it be emotional, physical or mental.

We wish you to know whether the sun is shining or no that the light of the sun is here to transform you, to evolve you to make you into a new whole being. With this Waxing moon you have a opportunity to change yourself and your world. Be in harmony, be in love, be in joy these will serve you well.

It is time to alchemies your lives distill down what it is that you truly need or want. build the philosopher’s stone within Use the black matter of your shadow and stranform it through the alchemical process into a purple or emerald stone of transformation. This as always is a time to go within and discover your true self. the you that needs to be seen now.

We urge you to embrace the Emerald flame of transformation. Become the healer of your soul, the healer of your body and the healer of your mind. Know that you have this healing power within.

The Emerald Flame Collective Board,EFCB.