In the law of one they tell us to turn to love in every moment. Bring love to every moment? How can we do that? I believe it is a matter of the heart. Dropping down into the zero point of the heart. You can do this as a visualization , a meditation or by physically touch your heart area.

By dropping down into this heart awareness, which is possible since there are neurons in the heart. So your heart has a brain. Your gut does too. That is why your intuition is described sometimes as a gut feeling.

Be aware of how awesome your heart is. It is a dynamo, it pumps a iron rich fluid through a torus. Therein lies the zero point, this point is connected to the all, to the source, which emanates pure love. We see this coming from the sun in the form of sunlight. The sun also has a zero point which is connected to every other star out there. This is achieved through plasma tube the stretch across stars and galaxies

Look at this as a case of As Above So Below. We are the microcosm within the macrocosm. We have a universe inside us as well as outside of us. This is why we reincarnate for it is too much to take in in one lifetime. You need many thousand lives on inumberale worlds to become the one, the whole indeed the all or source.

Be most excellent to each other, namaste!