Stepping through infinity’s gate my consciousness sink into materiality. This is one aspect of me. This could be the ethereal me. This could be my soul or is it my oversoul that comes from that infinite mind of the divine?

Then there is the physicality of me. the son of a goddess for she created me nurtured me. This is also a metaphor for the Earth or Gaia consciousness. Sinking my awareness down into the heart of the matter, I find the connection to her and you.

I consume to maintain this body of the Earth. She is also a part of my nature. Do we not all participate in the nature of Earth? So my nature is your nature too. we share in this collectively it seems to me. So maybe we should work cooperatively and conserve the beauty and bounty of this Earth which is of our collective benefit.

So my nature is an infinite consciousness inhabiting a physical body within another organism, this planet we call Mother Earth, Gaia sophia, Terra firma or simply the Earth. The son of a man and a woman, a mother and father. They call me by many names even been called an S.O.B. Much love to you all namaste.