Peace , love and serenity this are things I value. I also value all life even though I would not want to be neighbors with it all. Sketters are not my friend. I have a special love to all that prey upon them in fact. I make the conscious choice to dump out stangate water outside. and urge you to do so too.  it is good to stay ahead of the curve. We need to move away with chemical solutions to all our problems like mosquitoes. Or like spraying aluminum sulfate in our sky to geoengineer global warming or  is it to enhance their HARRP weapon to manipulate the weather or cause earthquakes.  I idea that we can do that without dire consequences  being rained down on us is foolish at best and down right evil on the other hand.

What can we do to fix something like that: by awareness for one Through the power of your will and through the connection to source  you conscious mind can do quite a bit not only quantamumly but ineed even physically. Through spell, prayer or meditation these element will get it done. Invoke your I am essence, focus your intent, enounce your word with conviction and foceas if it wis god almighty speaking and end it with a resounding so mote it be! Then it is time to be grateful, thankful as if it has been done. 

Now if it is only one of us doing this then the limiit is the amount of chi you can muster. But as Eshua told us when when two or more of you gather in my name it shall be done. So when that number gets to one percent of the populatuion it will magnifyu into a creshindow that would total overwhelm the Cabal, the Deep state I refuse to grant them that other name that begin with I.  This is becuase it make me ill to have theose that are so dark as to suck the life out of us all if we would only allow it if we do not let our light shine be the light warriors the star seeds the emarald flames the purple flame of Saint Germain. We have pworful friends my brothers and sisters. 

So be the change you want to see. Be your ture to your self. Shine your shade of rainbow light. We all contribute to the whole and find some like minded freinds and do that spell to bring the change for the better or a prayer group it real is the same things folks. We are all in this together time to unite.

With love and light Namate.