According to this channeling, the first distortion is Love. So therefore, consciousness is not a distortion since it had to come first before we can be conscious of love the first distortion.

So we have one consciousness, one love and I would like to add one heart. The reason I threw this in is because of my distortion: The Heart is a torus and thereby has a zero point a still point which connects to source and thereby to all things of souce, which is all there is.

So we have one mind, one love, one source which encompasses it all. let us add some joy and unity for some perfect harmony. To finish it up properly we have to end it with gratitude that we get to be a co-creator on this earth.

Of course there is much more to be grateful for, the trees the birds, the bees and of course you, me and the mystery. I hope you can all see that there is plenty to be grateful for. This list is short I know for I am grateful for it all indeed.