This seems to be a creative day for me I must say. Two videos in one day and now a blog it just will not stop. I am filled with the light o f our star and I must express it. This Gamma frequency has me firing on all twelve cylinders. Sungazing has me lit up.

So I began predicting or tapped into something that let me know if we will have snow this year in this area of the pacific Northwest. At first I got the 21st and I filled in December for the winter solstice here. But they said there is more so I went to november and the said yes for both. It occured to me you mean snowing that long and I got a no. It looks first snow in November and it will stick around through the solstice. This is my prediction for winter snow.

It would be nice to have four seasons again though it will takemore than two winters to set a trend. we can hope rith?

Here is a link to my latest video check it out: