The Merkava an Israeli battle tank or the chariot of god per the Jewish mystics of first century AD. Neither really though the chariot of the gods might be closer.

I first came across the term when studying James Tyberonn Metatrons Key. This is a study of sacred geometry. He separates the merkabah from the merkava. The Merkabah is of course the star tetrahedron, which is generated up to light speed in the first visualiZation.

The Merkava is covered in the third video. Here we have the dodecahedron spinning inside the Icosahedron also at the speed of light rotation. This is the vehicle you want to use to go to source. You use the Merkabah to get to the merkava or the higher spiritual geometry.

This is show I see it anyway. The Tetrahedron is the first shape that we directly interact with. The next form is the Hexahedron which square the earth. Next is the Octahedron which is the structure of the solar system. Which I found that David Willcok also use the Octahedron for his solar model .

Finally we get to the Dodecahedron which in James model is the structure of the galaxy. Now David Wilcocks presentation diverged here and it showed all of the shapes mentioned so far as the structure of galaxies.

So the last solid Is the Icosahedron which is the supposed shape of the universe. This is also the underlying structure of the flower of life. So the Merkava is spinning a galaxy within the universe. Of course you are doing within you inner universe. as above so below. This is why it is the chariot of the gods.

Now there was a lot more in that series a whole lot of breathwork. to get you in a proper state of mind. It also had us doing a lot of past life clearing. This is where I picked up the twelve chakra system which also ties in to the geometry also. I am going to work on a guided meditation to use these forms to connect you with source. Look for it soon.