I see the Emerald flame with faces within. What message they bring they will not say. Is it do a reiki distant I get a yes from somewhere behind me but no one is there.

So I set up the Reiki distant and connect to my grid sending healing, loving energy to the Earth, to the sylphs of he air, the fire drakes, to the undines of the water and the gnomes of the earth. They always accept the help.

The energy is there for whom ever is in need or just needs a boost. For those in the the throes of ascension symptoms may this bring aid. Spreading out to span Gaia in a flower of life pattern all around the globe. Everyone healed, everyone whole, everyone in the knowledge they have the power to heal themselves, heal this planet. We are that powerful. Or at least we can be.

However, there is that thing called free will. you have the right to refuse the aid to go your own way separate and alone. For me it is that we are all connected, entangled consciously and a connection to this planet both energetically and through the consciousness of it too. So to all of those that need some healing energy here it is be in peace, love and health.