So I picked up some more wisdom from David Willcocks Ascension mystery class. It has been a really good class. He dropped a lot of knowledge and so did his wife Elizabeth sharing her spiritual warrior philosophy was refreshing.

The first thing I want to share is the phrase Negative greeting which is the Law of one term for bad things happening to good people. I challenge makes you stronger, smarter a more light filled soul. Basically look at this negative things as an opportunity for growth.

The Second item to share was David’s answer to a question where he explained which density we escape evil or what the law of one calls service to self or you are a self centered prick is how I might describe it. So it appears those types of beings can hang around though to the fifth density, so we become free of their influence when we arrive a sixth density.

He worked up to that through examples of how he understood the negative being could evolve in the service to self path. I will not upstage him here. His knowledge is encyclopedic when it comes to the law of one.

So the next tiem you have an apparent negative greeting thank the person for one it will throw them off their game. Secondly, you will now be on your way to a solution. Every problem has to have a solution in this duality world.