I just heard a wonderful visual aid for timelines. It goes like this imagine a cable for bridge truss braided together thousands of year ago. Now the are stray braids and the cable my break all together. this making predictions pretty sketchy with the complexity of our current civilization. with its varied beliefs .

So the Christian have their braid of the larger cabal and the Muslims another you could group them into a large cable by the term abrahamic religions. The next biggest maybe bigger I don’t know would be the buddhist or maybe the hindus. There are the Janes, and doast. some wehre after that is the neopagans where I will also sweep the indegnous belif systems that still exist.

In this example the individual is one of those wires that make up a lager braid. This put me an electric pulling from belief system to map my own way. Weaving in and out, sometimes on the fringe sometimes in the heart.

This makes sifting timeline akin to shifting beliefs. Moving to the most beneficial system for the whole or for wholeness let us say. We really owe to ourselves to become as conscious as we can be of what course we are charting as the individual wire and where we want to be in the big cable of life on this planet.

Here is a link to the video where I got this theme from: https://youtu.be/chd1mULIwFg the name of the channel is Cosmic Agency