The ego should be too it should not rule. I need it to get this blog out here but I do not need it to write the blog. The closer I get to everyone else the more widely my blog will spread in readership.

For when I write I need to be authentic come from the heart with passion or maybe pathos. For instance the many times I have killed my ego.

Or at least it seemed that way any time I have taken LSD. The auyascaska ceremony was similar, this is how I found the observer perspective. a sort of superego state. But it has always happened so far.

We can rise above our ego through plant medicine or deep meditation. We can do this by dropping into the heart. Paradoxically, we need to intergrate it all to be whole.

So put the Ego in its proper place as a tool not the rule. It should be like the observer and the Superego only to be used properly. You really want your Higher Self in the driver seat if you are on the road to ascension.