With Mercury in retrograde and chiron also went there yesterday. Today the Moon is in its second quarter waxing toward the full moon. So it would seem we are not in completion just yet. But hold on the moon will be void of course or in between signs.

Once you complete a project it is good to do a review something you should do during a retrograde in Mercury and Chiron. Same with the void of course time to plan for the new project assess what you will need. get ready for the new beginning that you will no doubt be embarking upon.

For time is cyclical as we spiral around our sun. Once you complete one cycle it is on to the next. For one truth I have found for sure the only constant is change. So take advantage of this time for review, change is coming for sure.

Completion is also a time for celebration. A time to savor the victory. To be grateful for the win. So I hope you will find a sense of completion on this Tuesday the ninth of July. Namase!