Dear ones it is I Gabriel Archangel messenger of God. I come to you this day through this channel. To tell you all that though you could get these messages directly from the Angelic realms because of dogma you have been taught by the priests you view such messages with fear and anxiety. We wish that you would stop that activity and quiet your minds asking your questions and then listen for the reply. You have only to discern is the message of the light does it lift your spirit then it is of our realm. We always attempt to come to you in love and balance. We are charged to withdraw if we sense fear or anxiety when we contact you.

Fear is when the dark side will come in you will know this also by the messages that it delivers for the will increase your fear and anxiety. This is their food. Since they have strayed so far from the source of all light.

We will address the question by this channel regarding waking up at 3:00 AM? When you find yourself awakened at this time it is to let you be conscious of a dream. We would recommend that your have a journal and pen ready by the bedside so you can write them down or you can use one of the many recording devices that you now have available with your phones. We of the higher realms often communicate with you in your dreams.

We will release the channel at this tiem and wish you all a very blessed day.


PS. I was approached to day by the archangel Raphael and Gabriel . Raphael is always contacting me but this is the first time I have ever had contact with gabriel It certainly surprised me .