I first incarnated in the Orien group did a stint in hell and i am never going back. Next I went to Lyra system took several life sitmes there. Then to Sirius both A and B by then Solace had become a thing. With earht this bule green pearl.

Don’t get me wrong I was on Earth almost from its inception. I first came in as an elemental an Emerald flame sprite you might say or I do say. I strayed though and went back to sirius and then came back as a Syrian warrior a dog man twelve feet tall everything fell to my sword strike this set me up for a karmac roll o coaster ride.

Somes times a warrior sometime a pries. Oh I tried other trades Farmer Blacksmith wehn that became a thing. I truly have been a jack of all trades, but i have also been a master of more than a few. Even in this lifetime I have included both archetypes.

How many Life times I can not say a seer once told me it was only 33. But I think she was just keying of my birth date which adds to 33. Now that may be just my earth lifetimes but it seem to me it would be a number more like 333.

You may ask how can I prove all that I have said. All I can say is that I know I have had more than one and less than 999,990 and you can not prove that I didn’t. Or to put it another way I do not care what you think about this story. It is what it is.