The Emerald Tablets give us the key to enlightenment. The first as I see it is All is consciousness ,Consciousness is all. Tw me this means even inanimate things have a consciousness in the sense that they are conscious of what they are and how to maintain it. Another way is there is a consious ether all around us.

Thoth the Atlantean his father a great priest of the Dweller on the Island of Unal where the Dweller resided in the Temple of Light. Fleeing the fail of fair Atlantis on a spaceship to the Land of Kehm where the hairy barbarian lived. Subdued my his magic he conquered them only to raise them to greatness. He built the great pyramid with his magic and drilled a path to the Halls of Amenti where the Seven reside. Where the River of life flows. Where the children of light are renewed.

Thoth was given the key of immortal from the lord of death releasing his soul from the darkness of death. Free to live as long as he pleased. His wisdom was immense since he could maintain his consciousness forever gaining more knowledge. Fortunate for us he choose to be a teacher of men.

Thoth gave of his wisdom to teach how to live in the light to honor truth. I would definite recommend you find a copy the prose is excellent there are also videos out there that narrate it. Here is a link to one of those: I review the Tablets at least once a year. Free yourself and fly to the stars.