Just finished watching a video on CETV called Trafficking a very powerful and hard hitting video. It was an interview with a counselor who aids in the recovery of trafficked children,Women and elders. The first two I was ware of the last was a big surprise. But it does stress that the trafficker prey on the vulnerable.

From this show we can establish that this is a systemic problem in our society. In that it involves police, judges and politicians as well as the pimps, gangs,priests and kingpins, such as Epstein who was supposedly suicided fairly recently.

Epstein case may be mute now but still the evidence amassed point to people in high places. From Presidents and vice presidents, Trump to clinton and now Biden too. While I am at it must not forget the doctors are a part of this too.

That supposed healers would be involved in this in any way disturbs me greatly. Their Hypothetical oath to do no harm has been sadly broken. I wish to implore all to no condone nor ignore this issue. We should have far more respect for our fellow humans. It is not a business transaction when you are dealing with children it is against the moral standards of a viable society. Our culture will not last much longer if we do not address this issue and stop electing these very flawed people to run our governments. Here is a link to there article: https://cetv.one/programs/10042019-melanie-knights-interview-34df9d?categoryId=12310

I wish you all love and light, may we all have the strength to do what is correct, loving and respectful of all.