It slays me when people project their expectations on to me. When they impose their time schedule when I am paying for their time especially when I do it up front. For I do not like to be rushed.

I do like to be respected because I do give everyone their due respect. At least until they do something to cause me to withdraw that a priora. I guess that may seem unfair but hey they transgressed first.

Yet to remain a peaceful, loving man I need to forgive all, right? I would agree with one caveat they stop transgressing. Then we can look to restoring the respect but not until then.

People we really need to slow down think about what is going on and do everything within our power to change it. We certainly should give respect where it is due. However, the transgressors must stop what they are doing our suffer the karma, which will be coming faster the closer we get to the Event.

With love and light many blessings to all.