Greetings dear ones, I come to you this day to explain the process by which you may ascend.

First be grateful give thanks to God, Source or the One and to this world. Your planet is ascending. There are physical signs as shown in the resonance between the earth and the sky.(Schumann Resonance)

While there are many thing still wrong on Mother earth. you all must be as positive as you can be. You can fix these problems by forgiving your self and others, by being kind and compassionate.

When your ego reacts in anger or fear , Stop, breathe deeply at least three timesfrom deep down in your belly. Then call on your higher self to aid you in transmuting or transform this form of fear to love.

Going within will bring you to you inner intelligence, your inner knowing. Merge with your highest aspect. Be at one with it all.

Know tha the Ascended Masters are here for you and if you can quiet your mind, we will gladly talk with you and share our wisdom.

In the light and love of the One source I bid you adieu St. Germain

This came to me during a recent meditation where I got this download from Saint Germain.